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Posted on 02-22-2017

Most of us have suffered from back or neck pain at one time or another. It often occurs after over-doing a physical task, like fall yard work, winter snow shoveling, working on the car, cleaning the house, and so on. But there are times when identifying the cause of back/neck pain can be difficult or impossible. Let's take a deeper look at where back/neck pain can come from...Image result for back and neck pain

Though activity-related back/neck pain is common, many times a direct like to over-use is not clear. Micro-traumatic events can accumulate and become painful when a certain threshold is exceeded.

There are other less well-identified causes of back/neck pain. One is called "referred pain." This can be caused by an irritated joint or soft tissue not necessarily located in the immediate area of the perceived pain. For example, pain in the leg can result from an injured facet joint, sacroiliac joint, and/or disk tear.

Internal organs can also cause back pain. This is called a "viscerosomatic response" (VSR). A classic example of this is when the right shoulder blade seems to be the source of the pain when the gall bladder is inflamed. Visceral pathology in the back pain patient presenting to chiropractors is reportedly rare and according to one survey, only 5.3% of patients presented with non-musculoskeletal complaints.

Bottom line: When patients present with back or neck pain, chiropractors have been trained to look for these less common but important causes of back/neck pain. They get "suspicious" when the "usual" orthopedic test do not convey the usual responses seen with mechanical back pain. In these cases, they work with primary care doctors to coordinate care to obtain prompt diagnostic testing and treatment.

Adele A. said:

My back pains used to be here, there and everywhere but adjustments and exercises keep them in check and I can function without pain!

2017-02-23 03:12:02

Bonnie M. said:

I don't know all the places back pain can come from, I just know how it feels. I'm so happy that my chiropractor can figure out the source and give me the relief I need.

2017-02-23 23:17:21

Alexis said:

Double ditto to the other comments here!

2017-02-28 08:58:39

Russ P. said:

My back pains come from being young and dumb. I thought I could do anything and everything. Paying for it now. Thankful for adjustments and exercise advice that help!

2017-03-18 00:45:20

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