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Posted on 11-02-2017

How to Avoid Back Injuries This Winter

Hurt your back during a recent move? 7.7 million people in North America visit chiropractors every year for back pain relief caused by muscle strain. Regular chiropractic care can help prevent injuries in the first place as well as help soothe tired or strained muscles after the fact. Here are a few tips to remember while moving heavier objects or shoveling snow this winter:

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  • Proper Body Mechanics - Place the load that you want to move immediately in front of you. Bend your knees to a full squat or to a lunge  position and then lift the load towards your chest. Remember to make sure your back posture is in a neutral position and you are using your leg and buttock muscles to help carry the load.
  • Positions to Avoid - Never lift an object from a twisted or sideways position. You will be off balance and could cause a back injury within seconds. Also, do not lift from a forward stooped position as this will put more stress on the back to lift the load instead of your legs and buttock.
  • The Right Shovel - To properly remove snow you first have to have the right tool. Ergonomic shovels that have a curved shaft allow for better leverage and are easier on the body. Try buying plastic shovels instead of metal ones because they are typically lighter.
  • Lighten the Load - Don’t try to move heavy amounts of snow just to get the job done faster. It is better to minimize the load and to take frequent breaks so as not to exhaust your body. You should consider buying a smaller shovel so you are more than likely to reduce the amount and weight of snow since your shovel can only handle so much.

Contact the Chiropractor Duluth, MN turns to for Back Injuries

The smartest strategy is to consult the chiropractor Duluth, MN turns to for back injury care -- Kenwood Chiropractic. We will perform a thorough spinal exam to catch any lurking injuries or identify any sources of obvious distress. Once we know how to help you, we can create your personalized neck and back injury rehabilitation and pain relief plan. This plan may include chiropractic adjustments to release pinched nerves and restore normal alignment, corrective exercises to help your muscles and connective tissue regain strength and flexibility, and other safe, conservative tactics to help you feel better and heal faster. Contact us at 218-724-6008 for a no-obligation initial consultation!

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Remember to be safe this winter and give us a call if you could use a restorative chiropractic session!

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