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Posted on 11-08-2017

Proper Postures for Day to Day Activities

We all have heard about the postures to have while sitting at your desk at work or while standing for prolonged periods of time, but there are other normal daily activities that require proper body mechanics. Here are a few activities that everyone performs on a daily basis and the correct postures that go along with them:

  • Driving - It's remarkable how bad our postures can be in such a tight space like the driver's seat of a car. While driving have your lower back pressed against the seat and your hips should be even in this position. Adjust your seat so it is upright and close to the steering wheel with your legs slightly bent but not over bent. You should adjust the seat to your height and body type so you can be comfortable for hours in the vehicle.

  • Sleeping - Make sure to not to prop your head up with a pillow at night so to keep your neck aligned. Having your neck bent for hours can cause future aches and pains. People also tend to curl up tight in a ball as they sleep and this causes an over curvature of the spine and puts pressure on your back. Have your knees slightly bent and to add extra support for your hips and legs put a pillow in between your knees while you sleep.

  • Texting - Screen time for an average adult has greatly increased with the advancement of mobile technology and being bent over your phone everyday can cause some damage. It is important not to bend your head and neck down to your phone but rather raise your phone up to chin level. Keep your shoulders relaxed and squared so you are not to over use your muscles while doing the easiest activity.

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Arlene said:

As a member of the older generation, I'm not guilty of texting but my posture while driving needs attention. However, adjustments have always kept my back doing well!

2017-12-16 23:27:19

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