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Proper Postures for Day to Day Activities

Posted on 11-08-2017

We all have heard about the postures to have while sitting at your desk at work or while standing for prolonged periods of time, but there are other normal daily activities that require proper bod...

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How to Avoid Back Injuries This Winter

Posted on 11-02-2017

Hurt your back during a recent move? 7.7 million people in North America visit chiropractors every year for back pain relief caused by muscle strain. Regular chiropractic care can help prevent inj...

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Why You need a Skilled Chiropractor for Auto Injuries

Posted on 10-17-2017

If you recently survived a frightening auto accident -- or even a supposedly minor fender bender -- you may be delighted to still be among the living, but not so delighted about how you feel physi...

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Chiropractic Care for Neck Pain Relief

Posted on 10-12-2017

If you refer to a truly annoying, frustrating person or situation as a "pain in the neck," then your feelings about genuine neck pain are all too clear. You're not alone in your disc...

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Natural Shoulder Pain Treatment

Posted on 10-03-2017

The shoulder is a remarkably flexible, versatile joint. Allowing almost 360-degree rotation, and capable of both powerful and refined movements, the shoulder is actually the most flexible joint in...