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Poor posture is perhaps one of the most common causes of neck pain and stiffness. The chest muscles tend to be stronger and carry more weight than those of the upper back and pull the shoulders forward resulting in a forward head posture. For each inch of forward head posture, an additional ten pounds is added to the weight of the head. The head already weighs 10-12 pounds. For example, a 5 inch forward head posture places an additional 50 pound load on the upper back, trap and neck. This extra weight causes muscle fatigue and eventual pain and spasming.  Care should be taken to have the best posture to help alleviate muscle fatigue.

Chiropractors are trained to help identify faulty postures when patients present with neck conditions. Through patient education, spinal manipulation, exercise training, modalities, chiropractors can help those people struggling with neck and upper back pain.  Call and contact us for more information.

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